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Originally Posted by Sedan_Clan View Post
A clean bulk - or the cleanest bulk possible - will always, always be the best option (..albeit the hardest to achieve) if you want the leaning out process to be the least miserable and you want to look the best while you bulk. I hate dedicated/fasted cardio, so the less that I have to do, the better. The hardest part about the cleaner bulks are that clean foods are very low in calories, so you have to eat significantly more to achieve whatever your specified number is. Conversely, dirty eating racks up the calories mighty quick. With that said, you WILL feel/be stronger with the high number of calories (..ex...I've put up some of my strongest numbers after eating 5 or 6 In & Out Double-Doubles).
yea i hear you. i have always heard dirty bulking will get result, but it will be harder/takes longer to get rid of the fat when you cut. i guess it depends if you know what you r doing when you cut
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