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Originally Posted by squishy View Post
Just wanted to run my workout/dieting plan by you all for advice and possible suggestions.

Here it is:

All sets: 4 x (12, 10, 8, 6 [failure])

Monday: Upperbody [chest]
1. Bench Press
2. Incline Bench Press
3. Seated Cable Rows
4. Dumbbell Bicep Curls
5. Barbell Curls
6. Skull Crushers

Tuesday: Abs and Traps
1. Ab curls
2. Weighted Oblique Twists
3. Abs pull ups
4. Weighted Incline Ab Crunches
5. Traps

Wednesday: Legs
1. Squats
2. Deadlifts
3. Leg Extensions:
4. Lat Pull-downs5. Lat Pull-ups
6. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Thursday: Abs and Traps
1. Ab curls
2. Weighted Oblique Twists
3. Abs pull ups
4. Weighted Incline Ab Crunches
5. Traps

Friday: Upperbody [shoulders]
1. Incline Bench Press
2. Incline Dumbbell Bicep Curls
3. Dumbbell Shoulder Press
4. Standing Barbell Press
5. Cable Triceps Pull-downs
6. One Arm Cable Lateral Raises
7. Chest Press

Saturday: Abs
1. Ab curls
2. Weighted Oblique Twists
3. Abs pull ups
4. Weighted Incline Ab Crunches

Sunday: Rest Day

Daily Macro Requirements:

Fat: 50g [9.3%]
Carbs: 250g (300g on workout days) [46.3%]
Protein: 240g [44.4%]

Thoughts? For reference, I'm 21, 6'5", 186#, and my body fat is around 13-15%. Trying to gain lean muscle mass.


I'm typically not one for arbitrary sets/numbers, but I appreciate the planning that some people put into preparing; we have to start somewhere.

Assuming your goal is muscle growth/strength, here are my suggestions....

  • Cut out the days dedicated to traps/abs. You are wasting far too much time on relatively small muscles that will not have any effect on your overall appearance nor your overall strength levels.
  • Give Squats and Dead lifts their own days. The reasoning behind that is: both of those movements are extremely taxing on the body, especially the DL. It affects your CNS unlike any other movement.
  • Add an extra rest day in there!
  • Focus your lifting around the big compound movements; add supplemental work after the fact.

Try developing your approach to mimic something like this (..and remember this isn't a hard & fast suggestion, just a loose rubric/outline for you to follow; experiment with weight/intensity/volume):


-Leg extensions
-Barbell step-ups
-Hamstring curls


-Active Rest (..low intensity cardio)


-Barbell Bench Press
-Pec Deck machine
-Tricep extensions
-Seated rows (..finisher)


-Dead Lifts
-Bentover barbell rows
-Calf raises




-Shoulder Presses or OHP
-Bentover dumbbell rows
-Reverse flies
-Cable high pulls/high rows


-Low intensity Cardio

You'll probably wonder why I don't overload my days with the typical exercises associated with a given "day". My philosophy revolves around the fact that I like to offset the work that my muscles are doing. If I've just benched heavy for 45 minutes (..I do a lot of volume or weight), for example, I need to counteract that work by spending some time pulling. That has kept my posture intact and my body balanced and proportionate.