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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
Your Tax rate?
Did you come out of a previous BMWFS lease?
Your credit score? (don't tell us your score, just tell us if you qualified for BMW's lowest rate)

Assuming 39 months 10K per year a 6% tax rate, a good credit score and that you were not a previous BMWFS customer.

If above is true, you didn't do bad especially not knowing much about leasing.

In the future consider the multiple security deposit option instead of capitalized cost reduction. Much better use of your $.
Thanks for the replies so far! Tax rate was 6% and credit score was great (qualified for lowest rate). Term was for 36 months. I hadn't been in prior bmw lease before. I brought up the 39 month deal and terms that were listed on the BMW website and the dealer acted unfamiliar with it (369/mo at that time.) He said that those prices were for very basic packages (which I saw was only premium and BT.) However, he kept pushing me to do 36 months.

In the end, I'm just happy to have the car but I'm growing very impatient waiting to get it from overseas.