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Well since this is an order a couple things can happen

1) Do you have a sales order showing the production order #? Not just a vehicle inquiry report, but an actual negotiated sales order? Contact BMWFS and let them know you want to take advantage of the $1K holiday cash offer. They should lock you in for another 60 days past the promotion expiration.

2) Also let BMWFS know you want to lock in the December lease program. I've seen this where it goes both ways. Sometimes they'll allow it, other times they won't. If you can, do it because surely the residual will be lower in February.

3) Make sure dealer has a Munich build as an SA build won't get here in time to take advantage of the above 2 items.

4) Note, BMW will have a small price increase beginning January (probably about $500 on a 328i). Likely the price your dealer quoted does not include the increase. If it does, then great! Just be aware.

Since you haven't done the lease paperwork yet, consider the multiple security deposit option. Dealer may try to talk you out of it because it can cut into their profit. The benefit of the $3000 as a multiple security to buy down your interest rate far outweighs the cap cost reduction.

What PW were you assigned and hopefully you got a Munich build as SA builds can take what seems like forever to get here!

Good luck. The wait is 1/2 the fun!