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Originally Posted by 300hp View Post
I think 320-330 makes a lot of sense because

1) 340-360 makes the F30 only 60-80 off the F80
2)BMW has never been known to try to outgun HP ratings of other competitors. With the C400 and S4 at about 330 I doubt BMW is trying to beat these hp ratings. I surmise that they would prefer a number south of these competitors numbers
3) no one is complaining about the performance of the N55 at 300hp, I would guess 310hp. They will probably still offer PPK to get you to around 350hp
Originally Posted by 300hp View Post
+1 as a general guide I would say start with the M3, deduct at least 100hp for the top line model and another (at least) 55hp for the 330i

With that I get 325 for the 340i and about 270 for the 330i.

If I use the S4 and C400 as sanity checks based on BMWs prior approach to HP ratings I think 310-325 seems reasonable to me. Besides the current N55s have been testing out the 320-335hp range with the ppk so this is already tried and tested territory. The new engines can then add a dose of fuel efficiency and a broader area under the graph to complete the picture

lol talk about guesstimating
I agree with the above.

M3/M4 with S55 makes 430 hp.

340/440 with B58 will make 330hp.

330/430 with B48 will make 270-280hp.

320/420 with N20 will get bumped to 200-220hp. I'd also expect to see the 420 come stateside but maybe post LCI.

320/420 is going to be the new sweet spot. The N20 in the 328/428 already hits 240hp stock, and BMW won't allow the 320 and 330 to have a gap of 90hp once the 330/340 hit dealer lots. I've seen lots of 320's on the road so by opening the engine a little bit, it could help drive even more sales. Hoping the 320/420 gets the same options and packages treatment as the 328/428 instead of getting shafted like it does now, though.