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Originally Posted by Das Johnson View Post
I'd give it a few years, f30 came out in 2012, LCI 2015. f80 came out 2014, LCI 2017?

thats what I think.

Originally Posted by Maz335i View Post
Are u serious? So if my F80 is arriving at my place in March, roughly 3 months later they'll start LCI production?

I'm better off waiting a few months then...
Hmm I don't know if that's right, I would think BMW would give the pre-LCI M3 at least 2 years of production in the states, so that the LCI F80 would come out Summer 2016. Then again, the M3 was facelifted the same year as the 3 series with the E90 chassis, so maybe BMW will do as they please.

But being an early adopter has downsides ...

Originally Posted by Falafel Combo View Post
F30 335i with n55 becomes 340i with b58 engine (rumored 340hp).

F30 328i with n20 becomes 330i with n20 engine, to be update din the future with b48 engine.

So confusing. I think I got it right. Please correct me if I'm wrong because I'm frickin confused too. Tried to keep it together while posting.

330i will only use the B48, not N20. If the B48 isn't ready for the 330, then it'll be pushed to Summer of 2016.