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Pre or post-facelift W204?

I have enough knowledge and experience on the pre-facelift model and my old E92 to make some basic conclusions.

Powertrain/drivetrain: E9X had a better pairing of engine and trans options at any regular trim level. The pre-facelift W204s were uninspiring and not all that keen to work hard. Engines weren't as smooth to rev and the transmissions were better suited to cruising.

Interior: W204 had much better build quality; creaks/squeaks/buzzes are basically nonexistent. Switchgear and buttons have better tactile feedback. E9X had much better materials though.

Entertainment: E9X's iDrive unit has always been superior to the W204's COMAND system, regardless of the version either came with during their production time frame. It was better in terms of usability, depth of ability, and compatibility with plug-ins and Bluetooth devices.

Exterior: entirely down to preference, but I've always preferred every E9X model versus its W204 equivalent, aesthetically speaking. But the W204 looked solid and arguably more mature.