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I did this, and a couple of important notes for people who are going to attempt this:

1) Double-check that you have the bracket (66336854515) to insert the PMA module in your trunk compartment. I did not. I believe if you have a tow package or something you'll have the bracket already. Alternatively, you can also just use some double-sided tape and tape the PMA module somewhere secure in lieu of buying the bracket.

2) You don't actually have to remove the wheels. I didn't have a problem with them being in the way. The hub itself was more of an issue for getting a screwdriver in to remove the torx screw holding the DSC cable in.

3) If you try to order the DSC pulse generators listed, you may get redirected to 34526869320 because that is the new part that has superceded the old one. Even though it's supposed to be retroactively interchangeable, there are two very important points to be aware of:
a) The new cable is much much shorter than the stock one, so much so that I highly recommend you do NOT route it the exact same way as the existing cable. I tried this at first and I could technically do it, but the cable was stretched so tight I thought there was a serious risk of it snapping if I turned the wheels all the way in one direction or the other. I wound up routing it behind the hub. It's not secured the same as the old cable in that the only cable holder you can use is the one right above the black box, but I don't think it will cause any problems in the long term. Kind of surprised they would recommend this being a replacement given the difference.
b) The end that plugs into the hub is too fat. There's 4 fins I had to file down a bit before I could plug it in.
4) The black box opens from the side opposite of the wheel well liner. It's really easy to open, just pull back on the tabs.

5) You probably aren't going to be able to eBay the sensors for this. You'll see some that appear to be what you need (the plug is at a right angle), but don't be fooled. Those are just regular PDC sensors from different models.

6) When you get everything installed and reconnect the battery, you'll see a bunch of scary errors about brake malfunction and airbag malfunction. They'll go away once you VO code the DSC module.

7) Make sure you have some jack pad adapters before jacking up your car. Regular jacks/jack stands may damage it. I used the hockey puck method here and it worked fine. I had v-claw stands, and if you use those you don't have to worry to much about it being unstable. The weight of the car will cause the pucks to bend around the claws and it'll be fine.