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Originally Posted by cxp213 View Post
A few questions:
  • Can you provide more info on the cold start delete? I mean, is it simply a reduction in initial start-up RPM, or are you also disabling the cat heating cycle? I'm sure you're following BM3, hopefully, but this was sort of a big deal to them recently and have already been implemented into their OTS flashes.
  • Also, if there's minimum RPM and speed for the burble, is there also a maximum RPM and speed?
  • Will this be on a slider (or other incremental options) so we can adjust how much of each and when, or will it just be a on/off thing?
- disabling the heating phase. And nope I honestly don't follow bm3 news .
- min rpm, min speed, no max for now (set 90kmh - 8000rpm)
- I'll post a screenshot of the settings soon (which is being tested by several users)

Originally Posted by Rylen View Post
Any plans for 110 octane race gas maps?
Not for now. The 95oct maps are using already advanced timing.

Originally Posted by Niart906 View Post
Looking for some feedback, I'm currently running a BEF with a JB4 but I'm interested in trying OTS maps from MHD to compare. Has anyone done this yet?

Also, can anyone tell me if the top speed limiter has been removed on MHD's OTS maps? Or is that a flashable option still to come?

For whatever reason my car tops out at 130mph, which is a real bummer on the back straight of my home race track, Pocono Raceway.
Top speed limiter is removed in our maps. And it will be available as flash option in the next update, so available whatever the map even stage 0.