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Originally Posted by IllSic_Design View Post
Exactly, if I'm in the fast lane going 80mph or even 85-90 and I see a faster car approaching behind me I will move over well before they are on my ass, its just common courtesy, but I guess all those asses going 65-70 don't have any.
Yeah, that's a really funny behavior. People who speed, or make it their mission in life to do exactly the speed limit (measured by a GPS, not by that inaccurate analogue gauge on the dash that's designed to overstate your actual speed), are far more courteous to other speeding drivers.

So many people who do 5km below the limit also see it as their role in life to prevent others from speeding.

Often I find myself in the fast lane casually overtaking a never-ending row of slower moving traffic, and I'll pull in and slow down to let someone behind me past. My wife's always like "why did you slow down"? And I'm like "there's a guy behind me who wants to get past", and her response will be something like "but he's speeding."

Situation reversed, she'll be like "There's a guy up my arse, I hate tailgaters. I'm doing the speed limit." and I'm always saying "well, pull over and let him past; he's obviously going faster than you". ... which is met with utter incomprehension.

You don't know what is going on in someone else's life. They could be trying to get to hospital to see their dying grandmother for the last time. It's their license they're risking, not yours. LET THEM PAST.

And before you give me that speeding costs lives BS. That dude his M3 or Porsche 911 who's paying attention to the road is going to stop a lot quicker from 70mph than that soccer mum arguing with her kids while doing 55mph in a Honda Odyssey.