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Originally Posted by HybridAWD View Post
That's good to hear! We'll see how these ones from AliExpress turn out but it has to be the same exact vendor. Maybe not but it's worth taking a shot at.

I'm in VA so we have a mix of weather. Definitely lighter on the snow side but the rain can be annoying in the spring. One thing I am interested in seeing is how it holds up IF I put a mat on top of it.

You're definitely looks really good so Im excited.

I'm originally from Maryland, so I know exactly what you're going through. The installation is really easy and super fast so if you wanted to install this for the spring and summer and all weather mats for the winter time, i think it's a good idea for your own peace of mind.

The installation takes no more than 10 minutes for the fronts and rears it's very simple and brain dead to install haha.