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Originally Posted by RedErik View Post
I'm interested myself, however I don't think this would sort CID issue. CAN is like LAN network - doesn't matter where in the network you have your device plugged in. As long as it's connected it will show up. Same with CAN, you would need to emulate CID to get rid of this error.
Well i would like to make the system stay on for more time than a minute after i turn the ignition off.
I think that 30g terminal stays on for more time.
I tried that already but didn`t work.
I bridged the cable from CID to the yellow cable of the unit .
But i did not cut out the original harness before the bridge from the yellow cable.
I thought that if the system cuts power coming from CCC if i give power from the CID also it will keep working.
Unfortunately not.
Perhaps i must connect the CAN lines from CID to the unit because i think that MCU gives the signal to the system to power on.
Am i wrong with that?