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No advice here. Just saying congrats!

I went from f30 335i to e92 M3 and now back in an f30 335i. You'll love it. This car is no M3, but is in fact better than the M3 in all the areas which matter most to me and not as good as an M3 in all the areas which I did not care much for (tracking, high performance, ...). If that makes sense.

But yes, if you are not mod shy, it should be no problem in getting this car up to an f80 M3 level from a pure power point of view. But at that point you would have spent as much as you would for a base f80 M3, so in my mind defeats the purpose. Either drive the f30 and enjoy it for what it is (INCREDIBLE all arounder) or just pony-up to the M.

Either way, the f30 335i M Sport will be a blast and the 6MT is light years better than the one I had in my e92 M!