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Originally Posted by Malaka1 View Post
Is it just me or are the Connecteddrive and BMW online apps all worthless? I have searched and searched and called and cannot get any of them to do a thing.. Apps..right
It must be you...

I have been using ConnectedDrive and BMW Apps (there is no BMW "Online" "Apps", it is either BMW Apps or BMW Online) since 2009 (BMW Search added to a swapped CIC unit with the help of BMW Assist) and I have not encountered the kind of "worthless" that you have found.

Especially now that BMW Online has been standard with Nav since 2014, searching for POI and businesses have been easier than ever as it is actually Google Search the engine running that search. Panoramio, Street and Satellite View, Weather, Wiki, Yelp and even gas station prices are easily and quickly available via the Nav screen.

BMW Apps (standard as well with Nav since 2014) has been also upgraded to fully support A2DP Album Art and FLAC files. So the iPod/iPhone music interface is finally the same regardless of physical connection (USB or A2DP).

So... if what you are really talking about is that none of that above is working for you then this is not a matter of the system not working correctly. It is that the particular system in your car is not working correctly. Which has a very easy explanation: take your car to your dealer to check the activation of the system. Dealers are known to fail the activation of the Combox in the NBT at delivery as it is a remote process via a server.

If that is not your problem then I have no idea where the "worthless" is coming from.