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I agree - for the price of the car, the top brands of standard cars (BMW, Audi and Merc) should have a better game for the in-car systems than this. To be honest, if they stuck in an android console with a SIM card, the experience would be far, far better.

Where is the...

1) True connect to calendar "Oh I see you have an appointment at XYZ in 4 hours, shall I start plotting the route there?"
2) Heres an email, let me read that out to you, now say 1,2,3 or 4 for one of your standard replies you have set up
3) "Car, how many people live in new york?"
4) "Car, find me a Chinese restaurant around here, now give me directions, and now call the number"

Both Android and ios allow all of this, but they wont even provide true "connect to your phone and use its features" facilities.

For what was sold to me as "office on the move" - it is far FAR from that, and feels about 5 years behind the times, with no indication that anything will change soon until somebody goes with ANDROID-M (the car version of android).