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Originally Posted by ynguldyn View Post
Here's an interesting one: it looks like BMW built a bunch of F20 135i in various versions. Not the M135i with the 315hp engine - the regular 300hp N55. They remained purely test vehicles, didn't even receive a model designation ("NIE PROD" is listed where it would normally be).
These are hatches that are testing the engine configuration for the coupe/convertible. So they will never be in production, much like the current 135i coupe was never in the prior hatch

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Right. It has been confirmed by a number of BMW sources.

Indeed. It could very well be that the new I6 simply is not ready yet. And they certainly don't want to delay the 4 Series. So we may have to wait until next year or sometime after for the new engines to hit. But rest assured that they will arrive sooner than later and they will be bringing both more power and more efficiency.
They're waiting on a different model to use for this new engine debut

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Yes, I was serious about that 480 HP number. I don't know when the car will come out... but it was in a 5GT 550i that I saw it in.
With the refresh of the F10/F07 there will be the intro of the M Performance line of petrol cars to the 5 Series lineup... they are out there with blue calipers, wheels, exhausts and new aero plus some new stuff on the inside.

Let's just say I retracted my M135i order this past week because of something I heard from a birdie. My build date wasn't until March so there was no harm done (except I have been waiting for a while because allocations are slim).