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Originally Posted by Aritaurus View Post
Your head unit is connected to the FEM_BODY module which manages most of your electronics like the car locking system, head lights etc. This module is located by the passenger foot well so who knows, maybe something is loose there.

I doubt they took out your head unit though because they would need to take out the centre console trim, then undo 4 screws for the climate control and then another 4 screws for the head unit to come out.

Did you do the tinting or did you take it to someone else to have it done?
I took it to a shop to be done, but there is a development to the story )))

Thanks for your advice to checks the fuses in the boot - I found the diagram and decided to check all the fuses that are responsible for radio and computer (see pic). I could not reach only two of them easily because fuse box for those is located under the hood, so I started with the boot box. One by one I managed to check them all and found that fuse 142 is blown (see pic). Went to the petrol station to buy new fuses, tried to replace fuse 142 with equivalent 30 Amp one and... tah-dah... it was also blown in a milisecond!

So now I know that there is a shortcircuit in the system somewhere. What could have caused it is a wire that became naked (while operations with glass were done) and is now touching some metal (inside one of the doors?).
Hope that this will help the guys in OD to narrow down the problem and diagnose why this has happened, and, more importantly, fix it so that my lovely iDrive works again.
Now painful wait until Friday night...
Are there any BMW electricians reading this forum? What electrical circuit may fuse 142 control?
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