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For those saying XDrive is pointless

This post is for those who are saying it's all about winter tires. Let me share my personal experience with you. I have been driving RWD for 7 years in Toronto Canada. While I had fun during Summer, winter was always a nightmare. Even with Winter tires on.

So.. eventually I had to go for a an AWD. (328xi 2011). And my winter nightmares are gone. Yes the car does not handle as good but it still is a good drive, it still is every inch a BMW. Let me also add that last winter I was using all season and despite what people are saying, my personal experience, xdrive with all season was better than my E60 RWD on winter tires! (big claim but this is what I experienced).

XDrive works and it is effective in snow. I so much want an RWD but it is almost a need here in Greater Toronto area. And this is coming from someone who had RWD (4 different BMWs) for 7 years.