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For my purposes, the initial 40/60 torque split and the higher ground clearance of xDrive do most of the work. Even with my three M3s I encountered wheelspin in the dry getting "out of the hole", and there were just too many days when the snow was too deep to traverse secondary roads to do my winter wildlife photography. Personally I don't much like intervention, and the xDrive definitely feels weird to me on the rare occasions when it significantly shifts the torque split, but it is clearly effective. As to the weight penalty, it's down to 125 pounds with the 435i 8AT which is pretty reasonable.

With the high torque engines in BMW's performance models RWD will soon be a thing of the past. I passed on the M4 this time around because it isn't AWD and I believe the car is traction challenged (and yes, I've driven it).