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Post Lumin-X Pre-cut Headlight Protection Review

I recently installed gloss black kidney grills and figured tinted headlights would better compliment the look of the car. After some digging around on the forums I came across another user (forgot who) who recently purchased new headlights and used the Lamin-x to protect them.

So with a grain of salt, his being installed on brand new lenses vs mine being installed on a car with 90k and original headlights.

I placed the order directly from Lamin-X and I decided to go with the "tint" option as I figured "gunsmoke" would be too much.

In my kit I received the headlight covers, fog light covers, and side marker covers. In addition to that I received the squeegee and tiny spray bottle.

Prior to the installation I laid the covers on the hood of my car to warm up in the sun. I highly recommend this and even then you will still want to use a heat gun or hair dryer. Me personally, I think a heat gun is a better choice if you have self control with the heat.

As the direction state, I cleaned the headlights multiple time without any chemicals. The kit comes with a tiny spray bottle and if you're looking to purchase a set, just buy a bigger spray bottle.

I started from the inside of the headlight and worked my way across the headlight focusing on the bottom edge. One thing I noticed is that it's rather easy to get off track with the bottom. My best tip is to apply heat across the film as you are working your way to the outside.

Another tip; The instruction say to use only filter water, which I did, however I would recommend filtered water that is at least room temperature or warmer. I doubt it makes much of a difference but I feel like when you are heating the film and then misting it with cooler water, it's probably causing the film to fight you a little. (sidenote, it was 75* here today)

As most people mentioned when installed these covers, any weird shapes/turns/curves can be somewhat of a nightmare. Ill say that it actually went a lot smoother than expected. The toughest part is where the headlight turns, directly above that point right below the hood line.

Total install time was about an hour or so. I was definitely taking my time and not rushing this job. I did end up with some minor bubbles but they are pretty small and didnt really concern me much.

There was one larger bubble I had to fight with and my best advice is that if you have a bubble that you notice after you're 90% of the way done... your going to hate life. I fought the air bubble for a while and it looks kind of noticeable on where I was trying to work it up and out. Oh well.

Initial Thoughts:
I think they look really good... from 5' away. The texture is kind of a deal breaker honestly. It reminds me of a cheap cell phone screen cover. Of course going in to it I knew what to expect but I just dont care for the close up look.

Install Thoughts:
Its not as bad as some people make it out to be, at least I didnt think so. If youre patient, youll be fine. Just use slight heat and go slow and be methodical.

Final Thought:
I probably wouldnt buy these if your headlights have road rash. I never expected these to eliminate the road rash portion that I have however, it made the installation harder imo, especially if you have a rock chip. Rock chip spots are air bubble magnets.

If you do decide to buy the headlight covers, definitely get the sheet and not the precut. I think the sheets would be a million times easy to work with. For $60 its a deal if you dont mind the texture.

Sidenote, the passenger side window ended up with some kind residue under the film (or so it appears). I didnt notice until I turned the car on and looked at the lights. To me, its just another reason I am removing them.

Wanting the tinted look I think I am just going to remove the headlights, sand them down, clear them, and then have a tint guy apply something not as cheap looking.

Like I said, looks great from 5 feet... but kinda like crap much closer (because of the road rash imo) Enjoy the pictures.
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