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10 years ago, was in a smaller house working for an IT firm. Oldest child was 3 years old and youngest was 6 months old with colic.....!!!!!

Drove a bmw e60 530d having just changed from a 330ci sport and wife had an Audi A3

Fast forward 10 years and still work in IT albeit for a different company, eldest is about to hit his teens and daughter starts secondary school next year.

Live in a bigger house now, which just means more bills!! Car wise, we have a 540i and an S5 and I actually love the S5 more than the g30....!

Manage to do one long haul holiday and a few weekends away every year. Cash isnít tight but could always have more, but we have a few more years of mortgage left as we have been paying double for a fair few years now and then we can (hopefully!!) enjoy life even more...! Definitely canít complain though.....we do have it good compared to many out there 🙏🏼