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Originally Posted by celsdogg View Post
I've put lamin-x on several cars. application gets easier the more you do it. was the worst on my Toyota sienna. those lights were huge and have a continuous arc on it.

I use them to protect the lights and reduce damage due to UV, etc. it slowed down the degradation.

they aren't perfect. they shrink over time, the darker ones fade like cheap tint, and in some cars it makes a pattern in the light output.

doesn't look bad in the pics op!
Thanks! It was the first time installing and I could definitely tell just buy doing one side how practice would make it much easier.

Obviously I did these for the look more so than protection but it's nice getting both out of them.... especially for how cheap they are.

I still have them on the car when I originally thought Id take them off shortly after installing. Fact of the matter is, these still look good as long as you don't get too close for an inspection. Plus with all of the interstate driving, its cheap insurance like you mentioned.