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Originally Posted by DavidSTryk View Post
Sounds like they be identical in terms of looks but maybe not the hardware inside the charger ? I mean there's only so many ways you can design something that's intended for one spot in the car ... mine has blue Standby light, green when charging and flashing green/red indicating if the phone is placed in a less than ideal way ...

I don't have any issues with neither warmth nor device not charging up to a full 100% ....

I'm guessing that's the difference between buying the cheaper ones off of eBay or AliExpress compared to ones where they have used more reliable components maybe ?
Do you have an iPhone too? the seller said Android phones should work fine, sadly I don't own an Android phone with wireless charging to test it.

The light difference could be a revision in hardware components, actually the orange light looks better for BMW cars because that is the default interior color light, so I want to think they only changed that, but maybe they messed up with something and now they released a faulty charger.