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Originally Posted by Skyhigh View Post
Power (Torque) distirbution ratio is established dynamically in every BMW, incl. the F3x. The default ratio is 40/60, but it can go to either 50/50 or 0/100 depending on the situation. E.g. above 180 km/h, as well as when maneuvering with slow speeds, it is 0/100.

So that is already in your car, but there is no user input. Not even through the DSC / traction control.

What M cars have is the ability to go 2WD (RWD) only. You can have that with an xDelete mod, with the only difference that you cannot switch on the go - you need to code it in before you start the car. And the fact that it is a 3rd party application with no liability.
Wow, thank you for so detailed answer.. Thats exactly what I was looking for.