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Originally Posted by FastF30 View Post
When I was shopping I looked at the M3 and 335i... I picked 335i xdrive and here is the reason why that came true... I always pictured this somewhat of scenario and it happened...
I was in traffic going about 15mph and car further up in my lane was stopped... there was a break in traffic to my left but had to act very quickly to make the opening... I floored it and yanked it and it was amazing how it just went... If I would of done that in a M3 it would be game over from the fish tailing... You can't beat the xdrive in real world conditions and I've been reading 335i xdrive has been superior bone stock in AutoX events.... so there you go... My next car will be the next 4wd M3 or 4wd Mustang or maybe a C8...
Especially in the rain! I have only a 328ix and there's lanes that merge into on ramps here that people always try to cut you off, I literally floor it (and first gear is really short) and it just dead hooks and goes. Even cars with twice the power or more can't compete because they'll just spin.