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Strange buzz/knock after turning motor off

Hell all,

I wanted to reach out and see if other have this issue with their B58. Mine started doing it about 9 months ago and the dealer reprogrammed the whole car and Ecu and said it was fixed. It wasn't. I took it back and they replaced the valvetronic motor and said it was fixed. Surprise, it wasn't. Well then Covid hit and didn't drive much at all till a few months ago and was annoyed by the sound enough to take it back. They confirmed the sound but couldn't figure out what to do. Opened a ticket with bmw and they said to reprogram the ecu again and that would do it. I told them to really test the car before the all clear and they allegedly did. A week and a half after dropping it off, I drove it home. The excitement to be back in my car and was immediately let down when I pulled into the garage. Turned off the motor and heard the sound immediately. It varies in length after a drive cycle but it's somewhere in the one minute range. The frequency of the buzz sound can be faster or slower but I can't seem to correlate why.

So, do any of you have this sound and if you do, were you able to get any sort of fix from bmw?

Here is a short clip from under hood with the cover off the top of the motor:

And here is one from outside the car:

Really appreciate any input folks have.