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Wow, wow, wow!! This goes to show you that ugly F1 cars aren't the quickest (duh).

A couple caveats before people go crazy after this qualifying session though:

1.) Melbourne is an unusual circuit, and it doesn't necessarily indicate true pace through the season.

2.) We've yet to see who has good race pace - with the two DRS zones, passing should not be much of an issue at this circuit.

That being said, this season is going to be GREAT! We could be in for an epic battle between Mclaren and Mercedes, with Red Bull playing the role of Ferrari last year.

And the real big news - Ferrari appear to truly be NOWHERE. Pretty awful to see, but not a huge surprise after the comments coming out of testing. Massa has become even more useless, when we can't even get within 1 second of a beached Alonso. Wouldn't be surprised to see him leave the team by the end of this year.