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Originally Posted by ceedawg View Post
Sounds good thought the tq would be higher!! Is that stg 2 or stg 1 and was that a Mustang (10-12% lower than ) or a Dynojet dyno with 91 octane? Will also be interesting when you put on the DP
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Having said that. Thatís very high for stage 1. He is stage 1 correct?. I called for 338 and I thiught I was being optimistic. Every tune in stage1 is gonna be 320-340. So he is on high end. His car made great power stock so I think he had a solid car. I think the mean will be lower.

The trouble is these cars are heavy. Itís gotta be dp and stage 2. I think stage 1 isnít going to feel quick after a week of owning it.i am not sure 12s are a given with stage 1. Especially if you are manual and not xdrive

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