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Originally Posted by Theride View Post
With thought process like this, BMW would be making E30s forever. Or cars with a seat filled with grass padding.

How is keyless entry, keyless trunk, heated seats/steering wheel etc, taking away from the driving aspect of the car?


No one said it takes anything away from the driving experience of the car. What I am personally saying (can't speak for others) is that the "driving aspect", the magical essence, the unsurpassed sporty character of a BMW has been largely neglected. These hideous BMW commercials have become so lame, techie-oriented, and have veered so far off the BMW 3 series core message (ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE), that they now are trying so hard, to appeal so a very pedestrian demograph, with simplistic gadgetry-commercials - which by the way, a game Toyota, Honda, Audi, MB, Cadillac and their cousins are also capable of playing, and playing very well - perhaps even beating BMW.

It just seems to me like a bunch of corporate execs sitting in front of a big screen power point presentation, voting on which commercial they think would move more cars. A campaign, devoid of any true BMW character.

Originally Posted by Theride View Post

BMW or any car company are not making cars just for teenie boppers and people with racing in mind 24/7. They are making cars for everyone. And I shouldnt have to get a prius, a bmw, a porsche, an SUV, a mini bus just to accommodate the various things we deal with day to day.

Ok, I'm not even sure how to respond to that. I would venture to say that very few members on this board have racing on their mind 24/7, or have even raced their car at all (teenie boppers - maybe). Anyway, you're still missing the point. It is very possible to appeal to more people, AND make great commercials ALL WHILE keeping your loyal customers engaged and excited AND sticking to your core message, outlining and highlighting what makes your product unique. It just takes creativity, and an unyielding belief in your product (not an unyielding belief in sales and numbers).

Any other car company can load their grocery movers with technology, luxury, and sell them cheaper than BMW ... no one but BMW can make a 3 series.

The competition is wiser:

1. Buick (FREAKIN BUICK!):

2. Cadillac

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