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Originally Posted by Road Cone1 View Post
Great work Svache.
Would you happen to know if Nav is required for DVD in motion?
I have this on my current BMW and love watching Top Gear on the drive to work
Hi, nav is not necessarily required to have DVD in motion from what I know. However, your car needs to be able to play DVD's and not all cars without nav do this (for example, the US F30's without nav don't play DVD's). Best way to test it out is to put a DVD in the drive and see if it plays (when parked that is). If it does, then this works as well.. if it doesn't then unfortunately this wont work (neither would the DVD work that you can buy in this case).

Originally Posted by pcbrew View Post
Yeah, both Firefox and IE are warning me against that site.

Can you share an ebay link? Everything I saw was some sort of cable.
I did find this, which looks decent:
That one seems to be ok as well

Odd you get warnings for that site, btw, I don't see any at all :S But yeah, better safe then sorry I guess

Originally Posted by phillyd2 View Post
Me Too!

Any domestic sources?

I would like the entire cable since I'm not making one. E-Sys software downloading now!!!!!
I'm sorry, I haven't found any seller yet who can provide you with a complete cable that is confirmed working. Most of the cables look ok but need adjusting in the end (missing resistors or wired differently).

Originally Posted by Raspartan View Post
Looked through your list just now, cool stuff. About the nightvision... I think it's extremely unlikely that you have a NV sensor installed in the car, so this probably won't work.
Yeah I found out about this, it wont work for me. I did see something in the code about pedestrian recognition with the daycamera, so there's still hope for at least part of it xD we'll see

As for the ebay link you posted, that's indeed the same seller. It's logical these links get outdated after a while as their listings end from time to time
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Note: Many PM me for links to the software needed to code. Please note that I do not have download links to this software. Your best bet is using the search function in the coding thread

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