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ok guys, while I haven't decided whether I will switch to BMW.. this guy has been chasing me non stop, he wants to buy my G6ET SOOOO badly that I think this whole thing is very sus..

i am selling mine for $40k, with 22000 on the clock. This is guys is from SA, and he has been literally begging me to sell my car to him. He said " my whole family wants your car", "plz mate, let's do a deal" etc etc.. The funny thing is that he didn't even want to inspect the car initially, i asked him how is this possible if you he is spending $36K (this was his orignal offer).. He said he will take my words for it.. and he will need me to ship the car to SA, i said I wouldn't even move my car until i have full payment in my pocket. and there are other G6ET's out there that with lower K's and similar conditions , asking for less.

I then told him to wait till Monday as I will test drive a few cars over the weekends etc.. I told him this morning that I am keeping the car for now and he said this is false advertising.. blah blah blah. I then said it has to be $40K before I even think about selling my car NOW (because I need to cover the lease pay out). Now he is saying he will pay $40K.

He's been very pushy, calling and texting me non stop. I can't see if this is a scam or something, the way this guy buys car is beyond my understanding. Has anyone had similar experience when selling your car ?