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Originally Posted by DB118D View Post
Spotted on TRL's instagram

M2 LCI with ~5k contribution and 3.9% APR

5k in and 440 a month or 0 in and 555 a month

Silly cheap
They do look good deals but given the ones available on the M4 I think it was only a matter of time before something had to give with the M2.

Yes I know the M2 is a different character of car - and some would choose one over an M4 even if the two were the same price - but I think a lot of buyers would struggle to justify paying over 50k (i.e. list price) for an M2 with a few options when a discounted M4 can be had for almost the same money.

Personally I very much like the M2 but IMO these deals from TRL and the like are really just starting to introduce some long overdue realism into their pricing...