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BMW is asking for car to be delivered and for owner to use A.S.S. in its factory config first. Reason for this is that EPA can/may require BMW re-test vehicles if they don't meet a certain standard (what that standard is I have no clue).

Dealer asked me to drive for a few weeks then schedule an appt. for the A.S.S. to be re-coded. They promised to do it while I wait which means sending off the PUMA case before I arrive for my appt.

No biggie. A.S.S. not bothering me right now. Dash shows 20MPG which is 3MPG better than my E90 335i MSport. And I've spent quite a bit of time with the car sitting idle in my driveway (playing with stuff since it was my first week of ownership). Oh, and I've only tried EcoPro once for a short trip.