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Originally Posted by Ron Scott View Post
This is a simple customer satisfaction issue.

If my dealer told me no when I asked for the recode, citing a BMW request that I try it out for a few weeks first, I would have complained. I'm not a child. Leaving the showroom on Day 1 with a homework assignment and the need for a scheduled appointment with the service department before I even got into the car would have annoyed me.

Last User Mode is analogous to memory buttons for seat adjustments and radio stations; it just makes sense.

And FWIW I tried ASS and am not a fan. I default to OFF. Easy.
Because the EPA could toss their ratings and make them resubmit for testing/readjust their fleet rating if they instantly undo the tech they used to get the ratings in the first place. At least they gave us a button to disable it. Frankly, I'm surprised they were even allowed to get that one by. It's sort of akin to installing an exhaust cutout that bypasses the cat converter.