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LOL - you aren't kidding - it sells for about $600/lb around here. I've installed electric fencing with security alarms around that area of the property. My official reason is "deer and bears" - but, well......

It's growing on about 4 acres of the property. I paid some laborers to cultivate and harvest about 1 acre of it during the build and it generated about $130,000 of revenue. The net came out to around $70K - which pretty much paid for the 7 acres of land when factoring in the few grand I got for the lumber as well. I should be able to harvest about 1/2 acre a year in perpetuity going forward. That should add about $30,000 - $40,000 a year in net income to my bottom line annually. Not a bad deal. Just the ginseng on the property alone should pay for the costs associated with building the house in less than 10 years.
Damn can I filter by ginseng on Zillow???
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