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Originally Posted by blackabass View Post
Honestly, I think BMW should stop fitting Chrome Kidney Grills to the F30s. Anyways this is my first ever retrofit. I hope to do much more soon on my Bleu MSport F30.

The first step get your grill. I got mine from here. →

It arrived next day in the post.

  1. You do not need to open the bonnet. I used my hand throughout and no issues or bruise. At some point, I thought of rubbing some cream to avoid bruises or friction on my skin but that didn't happen.
  2. There are 8 clips/lids/locks per grill. 3 at the top and bottom, 1 on both sides

Steps to retrofit
  1. Slide your hand through the grill carefully and pull the lids at the top down while you use the other hand to pull the grill slightly, from the front with little force.
  2. Do this for all 8 clips/lids/locks. Sometimes they go back inside as you do another so may be wedge the open ones with something once they are pulled out.
  3. Once you remove the first grill, the second is easy as you don't have to slide your hands through the grill anymore just put through the back from the side you just removed.
  4. Now that you have both grills removed, wipe the surface clean to remove any dirt.
  5. Place the new grill one at a time making sure the clips/lids/locks are in position then push gently till it goes in and clicks. Repeat same for the other grill and job done.

Pictures added soon as I am able to do so.


Next retrofit on my list.
  1. Glossy black AC Trim
  2. NBT2 EVO + iDrive 5
  3. Adaptive bi-xenon or LED
  4. LCI LED Backlights
Thank you!
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