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Originally Posted by NISFAN View Post
I agree amongst us enthusiasts Xenon look the nuts, but that is just a visual thing from the outside.

Most F30's don't have Xenon, out of the 60+ or so F30's I've seen on the road, only maybe 2 or 3 had Xenons.

I personally don't even like Xenons from a driving point of view, they are continually hunting up and down on the auto leveling system, which looks rubbish. The only advantage is that the spread of light looks more even than with Halogens, and a more natural colour.

No idea why I chose them , lol
I beg to differ and love xenons for both outside appearance and lighting the road .
Trouble with the F30, you cant spec just xenons, the configurer wont let you do its and it adds on headlamp washers (which I could do without). So 495 turns into 710 for xenons.
You have to order the headlamp washers whether you like it or not with xenons so why list them both separately?