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Originally Posted by Floriank View Post
John, never mind the Olympic Village, my F31 doesn't even have the Hindhead Tunnel on the map and that opened in the Summer of 2011!

It's the longest non-estuarial road tunnel in the UK and one of the largest road building projects in recent years.

According to Wiki:
  • 737,000 cubic metres (26,000,000 cu ft) of earth was excavated during the tunnel's construction
  • The fuel consumption rate of the excavators was 2,400 litres (530 imp gal; 630 US gal) of low-sulphur diesel per day
  • Digging the tunnel took 290,875 person-hours
  • 289,460 cubic metres (10,222,000 cu ft) of concrete were made
  • 1,399,034 person-hours were worked without an accident
  • The tunnel contains 251 km (156 mi) of cable
  • The tunnel lights are twice as bright as the ones at the Old Trafford stadium
  • The tunnel has 104 CCTV cameras
  • The fire main tank can hold 380,000 litres (84,000 imp gal; 100,000 US gal) of water
  • 4,322 people worked on the project

And yes, my good ol 250 TomTom had the tunnel on a map-update a couple of months before it even opened, which in itself created issues for some people!

Obviously, after asking BMW how they can justify charging 2k for a SatNav which has a map that is 18-months out of date at launch they put up the usual wall of smoke and silence. My dealer tried tried their best but to no avail - will insist the next map update is put on under warranty though.

Love the way the thing drives (much improved on my previous E91 330d M Sport) but their claim of 'we have the best technology in our cars' is looking a little uncertain now to say the least...
Quote this CASE number to BMW :
1-87574769 to this email address
Stating you have the same problems, and they WILL do something.
The guys name is as mail address. Harkan Suleyman
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