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Thats right, you have to find someone with the european software and the dealer wont help.
At this point obey the following: After changing all settings and codings are gone and have to be recoded.
If you have a satellite radio it wont work here, I hadnt get it to work. Same as SOS function and telephone options, caused by the installed sim box. A change isnt quite cheap but when you consider not to go back to the US, it may worth it.
A final word to your headlights and taillights: ATM the LCI bimmers have the red ones rear stock installed and realize the yellow turn signal by a colored bulb, but: They are labeled with a e*-number which is essential into some countries to get the technical inspection done. In Germany you wouldnt pass this with the missing numbers. I have no idea how the dutch would treat this, but good luck.
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