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Originally Posted by MSG View Post
Have you found I guy who helped you out programming the car from US to Dutch? I am looking for the same solution. Also curious whether it is possible to have connected drive working (mine is a f30 335i from 2012).

Originally Posted by Wired435 View Post
This is a bit late but just in case someone else is searching for this info, I just imported my BMW 435i Cabrio Xdrive into the Netherlands as part of my household. (October 2020).

So what did I learn?
Adjustments are minimal and can mostly be done by software like activating the rear foglight. They are there just not activated.
The rear RED turn signals also did not have to be changed.
I updated the navigation with a map from Gerry on this forum.
I also changed the tuning of the radio so it could receive all the European standard radio stations.

I used a car import in Rotterdam (SCLrotterdam) They handled everything from shipping to customs to getting numberplates. They do this for all sorts of US cars for people all over Europe. Apparently importing it into the EUro zone via The Netherlands is the cheapest option. I paid about 2000 Euro for the complete process from shipping to driving it out of their storage.
I was on assignment in the US for almost 2 years. I, therefore, did not have to pay import or any other taxes on the car. Lucky me

Points of attention:
I am currently looking for a company to update my whole car to Euro-spec software. The official dealer will not do this but he hinted that others might be able to do this.

You can switch to KM from miles in the menu but some items will still be in miles like the speed warning setting. Also, the analog speedo does not change either. duh.

There is no internet connection. I assume this has to do with the installed sim (esim?) I am looking into this.

I used bimmercode for all the changes I made and it worked perfectly.

So that is my experience and so far it has been easy and I am really enjoying driving in Europe almost pothole-free roads. New York state roads were a nightmare. I once bend to rims on a pothole. Something that has never happened to me in 40 years.

If anyone has some more tips to share on making adjustments or has any questions I can help with, please feel free to contact me.
Connected drive will not work in Europe on a US spec BMW. According to BMW it requires a hardware change that is quite pricey. I have the message from BMW somewhere. As most have stated, most conversions can be made with BimmerCode. Also, European NAV maps can be sourced from a guy on f30post.
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