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Originally Posted by Bimmer84 View Post
Can you tell it is a projector when it is playing? In orders words, is it just as bright as a TV would be? I haven't really seen one up close, not of HD quality anyway, so all the old ones I have seen were dark compared to a plasma/lcd/led.
You can't use it in a room that has lights on everywhere. I keep a small lamp behind my couch and turn it on but I never turn on the recessed lights. Doing it this way the projector looks about 90% brightness compared to a high end Samsung TV. But keep in mind this projector I got on sale for about 900$. There are more high end ones that go for 3k+ that should be even brighter / better.

I'm pretty happy with the decision overall. I downloaded a 20gig copy of Avatar on Blu Ray and it looks as good as seeing it in the movies. Does it look as good as putting it on a $4000 Samsung LCD? Probably not but then again you can't get a 150" TV at all.