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Originally Posted by Nitrousbird View Post
Yep, I'm also running HDHR Prime, HTPC + 2 360 extenders. People that see it or hear about it in detail are amazed at how slick of a setup WMC can be as a cable 360's are setup to boot to WMC, so it's just like having a cable box, without the extreme cost and lack of functionality of your typical cable box.

I find my extenders work like crap wirelessly, but since I have the whole house hard wired that's a non-issue. I'll have to experiment with an Ethernet over power adapter when I put an extender to the Gazebo I built on our patio recently, as there is no reasonable way to run Ethernet out there (doing an outdoor living room setup).

Plex Home Theater also links into WMC (but not on extenders) and is super slick. I also use the Arcsoft Total Media Theater 6 for Blu-ray playback through WMC.
Yeah, most people are wowed by it when I explain it to them and show them the equipment that makes it all work. I use XBMC with an emby backend on my server for streaming content in the house. I have a plugin for WMC that launches it from withing WMC, so I never have to worry about using a mouse and keyboard to switch. Something goes wrong, I just reboot the PC from the remote. It takes a shorter amount of time to reboot ANY of my HTPC's than ANY cable\satellite box I've ever seen. I get my HD movies from, uh, other sources, , so BluRay playback isn't even remotely a concern of mine.

As for the wireless part, you can't do anything about the lacking of the built in wireless reception of your extenders, but I will say that only two of my HTPC's are wired. The rest are all on Wireless AC (at full AC bandwidth) and I have few issues with it. It did help my N reception as well when I used to use N on a few of them. Sundays during football season are the only times I get to saturated wireless network status. That is 2 HTPC's doing TV (because the third doing TV is wired), an Ultrabook doing RedZone via TWC's online stream, and three cell phones being played on.
2016 BMW Z4 sDrive35i M Sport
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