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Drives: 2014 BMW F30 328D 2.0L 4cyl
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2014 F30 328D - Onward to 100K

2014 F30 328D (2.0L 4cyl) with 96K, 05/2018. First 38K within 5 months of 10/2013 purchase with 180 mile high-speed roundtrips to work. Routine BMW covered service to 50K no failures. Since then, I've performed all routine preventative maintenance; oil/filter (Liqui Moly 2041 Synthoil Premium 5w-40, plus Ceratec 20001, every May, Sept and Jan), air filter every May. At 85K, changed drive-belt, fuel filter and self serviced ZF8 8-sp using ZF pan & lifeguard-8 ATF (probably won't do that again, but I did save $1800 labor). Add Zerex G 05 collant as needed, hoses still supple. What failed? EGR and Diesel Particulate sensor. BMW sensors need BMW dealer or authorized tech shop part registration (they call it calibration) to ECM. Changed brake fuild and have ready to install Zimmerman rotors and akebono ceramic pads, but BMW Command still shows 4000 miles remaining on Factory OE brake set at 96K. This is a rock solid car. At 86 mph, in Texas open highway heat, thru the Permian Basin, the 2.0L uses 60-80 lbs torque/40hp (2150rpm) to get 41 MPG w/620 mile range. No downshifts for passing required.Yep, posted limit is 80mph. Anyhow, over 86 the chassis is like glass. Too bad kindneys can't go more than 3 hours. God save the CAT and timing chain set, they are the bitter end.

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