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yes but there's a limit on how much compensation the ECU makes, if fuel is really bad and weather very hot it will not be able to achieve the required power otherwise it will blow the engine.

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higher octane - the better of course. do you know how modern ecus (ok e.g. stock tunes) compensate lower ignition timing because of worse quality fuel to get the same torque/power? yes, boosting more. modern ecus target not to boost or load, they target to torque. if IAT is low (winter) fuel quality very good- targets to less boost, if ambient temperatures are high, fuel is not perfect - targeting to higher boost, that customer would not complain that car is slow comparing to one it was in winter. stock tunes usually have pretty lots of headroom for this, when you maxx out turbo you know that your winter dragy times will be better than summer ones for sure..