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What operating temp do you guys typically see? Mine has always been right at 230F .. which seems kinda high but it's about 40% up on the gauge so I figure that's where it wants to be. Oil / coolant temp both sit right around there. Still though I'm used to 210 being high on most other cars. I'd like to upgrade some of the cooling / make it kick on earlier.
same. on my vw it floats around 200. If it gets above 212 then everything cranks up. I've seen it get as high as 220 but then it drops down very quickly with all the pumps/fans running at max flow. But these cars (and from what i've seen, BMWs in general) run hot.

My current logs show cooler temps but in the peak of summer i was seeing above 220 too.

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23psi with stock turbo WHERE? yes, at 3000rpm it is possible, if you wont crash hpfp, and it is possible without crashing with additional fueling. not possible at 6000+ rpm for sure, so who needs 23psi at 3000rpm?
I think this philosophy is a big part of it. Again, I'm used to stage 1 tunes running 20+ psi and I don't see why ours couldn't. But boost tends to drop off at the higher RPMs. Which it should with a smaller turbo. But to maintain the top end feel of the B58, they keep the boost flat. To get the most area under the curve, it makes sense to add boost in the mid range if there's enough fuel. It won't feel as satisfying, but it'll be faster.

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I thought we agreed that better timing is more important than more boost

If power is the same why run higher boost and put stress on the components.

Also more boost will consume more fuel which will not combust properly as a result of the retarded timing which will lead to less efficiency.
no i'm not saying that timing isn't important. i'm just saying that octane isn't as big of an influence on how much boost you can run. it's primarily fuel. It's up to the tuner how they want to bridge that balance but it makes the most sense to try several combinations of boost and timing across the range to see what's making the most power.
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As long as 3-pedals are an option, I will exercise my right to suffer the handicap and indignity of slower shifts and reaction times.
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