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F32 Strut question.

Hi all, My first post here.
I got a 2014 F32 with 40k miles and have a question.
When I got the car, I noticed the car was pulling a little bit to the right, so I contacted the dealer where I got the car from and they said to take the car to get it aligned and that they will cover the cost.

So I did take it to my local BMW dealer. They performed the alignment and said that they could not correct the camber on my Front Right wheel because the strut is bent and they gave me a quote of $2100 to replace the Strut and re align the car.
I thought that it was too expensive so I started researching.

My car has adaptive suspension (S2VFA) so the struts are more expensive.

In FCPEuro website, the replacement strut cost $687.13

My question is, FCPEuro also carries the Bilstein B6 as a replacement.

I figured that if I replace it with the OEM one, I could, but can I replace the just the right one with a Bilstein B6?

Also, how hard is to remove the Strut? do I have to remove all the suspension and brake components to be able to remove the strut?