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Originally Posted by psyki View Post
I thought I was you for a moment when I was reading this. I too bought a 2014 F32 with about 27k miles on it, pulled oh so slightly to the right and after investigation found that the right strut was bent. Shop estimate was about the same so I took it upon myself to do the work, I actually bought a set of low mileage adaptive struts/springs from another member here for $300. I ended up replacing the strut, knuckle, bearing, and control arms just in case, threw on Eibach lowering springs while I was at it.

It's pretty straightforward to replace the front strut, AWD makes it a bit more difficult but very doable.
Nice that you found the struts for $300.
I was also thinking of throwing Lowering springs.
Did you lower just the front or you installed the springs on the back also?
How the OEM struts handle the lowering springs?
Other than the strut/spring assembly from the knuckle and the the car, do you have to remove any other suspension component to be able to get the strut out of the car?

Originally Posted by FaRKle! View Post
Don't replace just one side. The B6 isn't going to have the same response as the OE strut so the dampening on that side will be different from the other.

If you haven't taken apart any suspension before the struts can be difficult. It comes down to having the right tools for the job (like pass through sockets and spring compressors). Trying to figure things out and make tools that it wasn't designed for work can complicate things.

I did take apart part of the suspension and also replaced struts/springs but that was Loooooonnnngggg time ago.
Can you give me a hint on what tools I might be needing?
I know I need a spring compression tool which I might buy if from amazon or rent it from autozone.
I know I also need a housing spreader.

If I put the Bilstein B6s on the front, can I leave the OEM ones on the back?