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on the millway page, where is the polyurethane top? I can not find it
I don't think it's released yet. What we saw was just a prototype unit.

I'd be weary of it though. The monoball is a big part of why camber plates work. It rotates freely to allow the suspension to realign when you add camber. A stiff poly bushing could prevent everything from slipping to the correct angle, and can put extra stress on the rest of the suspension (basically adding a lateral load to the shocks and other bushings).
This ^

I've seen a photo of what I understand was a prototype unit which incorporates a poly component. It was sent to me by Millway under what I believe to be an understanding regarding confidentiality so I won't comment any further.

The Millway-sourced monoballs are stainless steel motorsport grade units, manufactured by a German components specialists. They were still tight (to turn) in my units after 7K miles, which I take as a very good sign. They are rigidly mounted in the lower camber plate.

K-Mac uses a monoball encased in an isolating material to provide a degree of isolation. I've not used them so I don't know whether damper performance is compromised.
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