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So if we have our car on sport plus and we take off traction control off completely why do we loose power or the throttle seems to be less responsive
Does the car really go back to comfort mode by doing this .
I can't answer about the coding but I have not noticed what you report. When I put mine in sport+ it flies. No hint of power loss or an unresponsive throttle. (440i xDrive, stock)
Yeah same with mine
What I am saying is if I take of dsc completely off that's when the car goes back to comfort mode or it just doesn't stay on sport mode

It just says traction

But you can feel the car feel less powerfull
If it says "traction", you didn't turn dsc completely off. To turn if off you need to hold button for 5 seconds or so, "dsc off" should be written on a dashboard then.