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Originally Posted by Dave-ncl View Post
Is there a better grade of oil than the shell helix, castol edge, Mobile 1 etc that will slow the CBS as I could change the oil at 10k and still see a decent amount of milage on the CBS before it hits red then costing a lot at the stealers.

What would happen if the car was stilling on say 8k until an oil change and you did a oil/filter change and didn't reset the countdown. Would it automatically slow down the reduction on the CBS value due to the improved quality of the detected oil. Or would it continue to decrease based on mlies covered?
AFAIK The service indicator doesn't look at the quality of the oil, it just goes by date, and fuel used. Short trips, cold starts, heavy throttle all use more fuel so mean shorter service intervals. Few cold starts, lots of motorway miles mean better fuel economy, less load on the engine, and more miles between services.